Families in Recovery Program

Addiction is a family affair. It’s well-known that addicts have an abnormal addiction to a substance. What is less understood is that family members have an abnormal addiction to the addict. The dysfunction and trauma created impacts everyone involved.

NCADD- Sacramento believes that families deserve education, treatment and support  so they can heal from the trauma of living with active addiction.

We know that untreated codependence can be just as debilitating as untreated addiction- with real damage done to the minds, bodies and spirits of all family members. How do we know? We receive daily calls on our Hopeline from families seeking relief.

NCADD has launched our new Families In Recovery Program.  We offer:

  • Assessments
  • Family Education Group
  • Pre-Intervention Classes
  • Interventions
  • Integration Into Local Self-Help Groups
  • Family Counseling

Whether one considers the problem from a human, institutional or economic perspective, the impact is profound. We are pleased to fill this gap in our community. Families who are armed with accurate information about this disease can- and do- restore themselves to health and harmony.

Download a flyer – and for more information

contact hopeline@ncaddsac.org