NCADD Sacramento honors the work of Dr. Dennis D. Embry, Ph.D., CEO/President of PAXIS Institute in Tucson, Arizona; co-investigator at the National Center on Early Adolescence in Oregon, and co-investigator at the Center on Prevention and Early Intervention at Johns Hopkins University. His prevention work in health, safety, substance abuse, violence and mental illness among children includes evidence-based kernels and behavioral vaccines.

NCADD Sacramento adapted Dr. Embry’s Kernels Program to highlight evidence-based vaccines for parents and caretakers.  The purpose of the Kernel program is to empower parents and caregivers by providing them with proven strategies to positively influence their children’s behavior. The program’s main goal is to teach parents the skills needed to instill family bonding, nutrition, healthy communication and problem solving through accessible parent education.  The program is offered in one hour segments and can be offered once at a site or in a series.  We provide snacks, raffle prizes, and curriculum.


Sienna Vista Apartments“To do better is to know better, ask the KERNELS! Thank you!” Clara – July 7, 2013 “I really enjoy this program it gives me really good parenting skills and good advice on eating healthy.”

Nicole – July 23, 2013