We are very pleased to present the NCADD-Sacramento Region Affiliate Board of Directors.

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Susan M. Granzella, President

Susan Granzella served on the Contractors State License Board and has held many executive level positions with VISA, Inc. She was elected as Treasurer of NCADD-Sacramento in 2015, and to the position of President in 2017.




Annie Andrighetto, President Emeritus

Annie Andrighetto retired from the State of California after 35 years in various departments. She served as President of the NCADD-Sacramento Board up until April of 2015.




Diane Truly, Vice President

Diane Truly retired from California State Franchise Tax Board after 22 years as the director of the District Office Bureau. She has been a member of the NCADD-Sacramento Board since 1994. She was elected as Vice President in 2017.





Brianna Garcia, Recording Secretary

Brianna Garcia joined the NCADD-Sacramento Board in 2015. She was elected Recording Secretary in 2017.






Robert Browning Miller, Interim Treasurer

Robert Browning Miller is the General Counsel to the California Horse Racing Board and is a practicing attorney. He is also a Board Member of the River City Recovery Center.