Valentine’s Day makes us think about doing something special for our loved ones, including acts of kindness and expressions of love.

But should that only happen on Valentines Day??

NCADD-Sacramento understands the value of effective communication.  Our Strengthening Families Program focuses on how to talk to your kids to encourage positive relationships with peers and family members.
Now we can direct you to a program that builds stronger relationships between couples!
The Relationship Skills Center research has found that “how parents communicate with each other is one of the most important indicators of how well children do throughout their lifetime.”  And for an added bonus, they learned that “parents in healthy relationships are happier and physically healthier, experiencing fewer chronic health problems like stress, anxiety and depression.”  Learn more on their website.

While this collaboration is launching around Valentine’s Day, we recommend using the learned techniques every day of the year!

The Flourishing Families Program for Couples includes:

  • Communication techniques to help family relationships
  • Maximized conflict resolution techniques
  • Gaining insights into how relationships affect everyone in the family, especially children
  • Comprehending stressors and effective methods of reducing stress
  • Assessing your personality profile
  • Understanding financial styles and behaviors

NCADD-Sacramento recommends taking this course before entering our Strengthening Families Program.  By first learning how to communicate with your spouse, you will understand the value of improving communication with your kids.

For more information on NCADD-Sacramento’s collaboration and these programs, contact Lali Martinez in our Prevention Department.

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