Options For Recovery

Women Who Are Struggling With Addiction

Who Are Mothers or Mothers-To-Be

Have Options For Treatment In Sacramento


Denial about the extent to which women experience alcohol and other drug problems is still strong. The denial is even more profound when pregnant  or parenting women are involved. Progress is being made in expanding prevention and treatment efforts to include women. But, women of child- bearing age deserve special attention.

NCADD Sacramento is home to  Options for Recovery.  This Sacramento County program teaches pregnant and parenting women, life-long recovery skills. Re-establishing healthy relationships with their children is a high priority.  Download the Options for Recovery PDF and share this information with a family member, friend or co-worker who would benefit from this service.  You may also read about the program in the NCADD Blog.

A highly- skilled collaborative of professionals coordinate:

  • residential treatment
  • intensive outpatient
  • transitional living
  • case management

Staff from  the Sacramento County Health and Human Services,  Volunteers of America, WEAVE, CPS and other local agencies ensure the best possible treatment planning for each client.

As an Option for Recovery provider, NCADD Sacramento provides a continuum of  intensive outpatient treatment and continuing care services for those in the early stages of recovery. We partner with Volunteers Of America for those women who need a residential program where children are welcome. Those on a waiting list for residential, or day treatment services of Options for Recovery, have the opportunity to start treatment within our beginners pre-treatment group.

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Options for Recovery is a nine month treatment program with three phases of services – 4-day, 3-day and 1-day treatment with ongoing support and case management for continuing support . Each phase is approximately 90 days in length. Clients are provided with a minimum of two individual counseling sessions per month.  Group participation is emphasized in all three phases. We have a beautifully appointed nursery and playcare for  infants and children- with a garden and outdoor playground.

OFR GerrinaCooks 200X277Options for Recovery is free to pregnant and/or parenting women living in Sacramento County who may have recently completed residential treatment services. Children must live in Sacramento County as well. The program focuses on women who are re-establishing healthy relationships with their children; and who may be preparing to meet vocational or educational goals.

You may call (916) 922-5110 Ext. 215 to make an appointment and to learn more.





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  1. Options is an awesome program! I’ve seen the results of your program first hand with a relative, and I’m so grateful for the services you provide!

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