The Interpersonal Neurobiology of Addiction

Learn how systems participate in the illness and wellness.  Training takes place on Friday, March 22 in Sacramento.  Click here for more information and registration details.

Jon Daily, LCSW, CADC II will provide a presentation that demonstrates how the client is not addicted to a drug, but is addicted to “intoxication” and is dysregulated.

Jon Daily is the founder and clinical director for Recovery Happens Counseling Services, an outpatient and CD-IOP treating teens, young adults and adults with addiction dual diagnosis.  He is also an accomplished author and instructor at USF’s graduate school. He will explain why there is no separating the brain, mind and relationships.  There is no separating the chemical dependency and the mental health.

This training will travel through the life of an addict, starting with the adult attachment inventory before birth, and then through the developmental history at age 17.   That case will be examined through the attachment, and the subject’s social, psychological and neuro-biological development. Then he will discuss the latest trends and data on drugs being used and how the subject uses some but not others. From there he moves into a very clear and easy solution focused treatment around helping  the subject become clean and working on the underpinnings too.

Only 5 seats are open – register here.