Annual Holiday Mocktail Contest

Did you know that Sacramento has one of the worst records in the State for fatalities from drunk driving?

All of us enjoy celebrating during the Holidays, whether it is dinner with extended families or office parties.  For alcoholics, this often means an increased exposure to people who are consuming alcohol.

Mocktails are a proven prevention strategy, as well as a good, common sense approach to holiday festivities. People who don’t drink alcohol get tired of the same old soft drinks – usually served in a boring glass. They appreciate a sparkly beverage poured from an elegant punch bowl into a shapely, perhaps even frosted glass.

A non-alcoholic mocktail is great for:

  • Non-drinkers of all types- who are in recovery, religious, uninterested or have health reasons
  • Drinkers who’ve had their two drink minimum and want to move to an alcohol-free alternative
  • Young people
  • Designated drivers


NCADD Sacramento’s Third Annual Holiday Mocktail Contest A Great Success!

NCADD Sacramento and the CA Restaurant Association encourage restaurants, bars and individuals entertaining for the Holidays to offer Mocktails as an alternative to alcoholic drinks.  To make it easy to find delicious recipes, we sponsored a contest and will publish the winning recipes that were submitted by local mixologists, public officials and friends of the recovery community.

Entries were judged by an esteemed panel of community leaders  and the Winning recipes can be downloaded here.

Congrats to Katie Knowllenberg of Hock Farm who won the Pro Division and Travis Kavanaugh of Shady Lady who was runner-up! Kudos also go to Rochelle Hernandez who won the Amateur Division, and Supervisor Susan Peter’s, whose entry was runner-up.




Panel of Judges included:

Annie Andrighetto – President, NCADD Sacramento Board of Directors

Melinda Avey – Chair, Sacramento County Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board

Alicia Carillo – California District Attorney Association

Lt. Marc Coopwood – California Peace Officers Association

Paul Cruz – Executive Director, MAAP, DUI Education Services

Dorian Kittrell – Deputy Director, Department of Behavioral Health Services, County of Sacramento

Susan Prescott – Director of Prevention Education Program

Patrice Rogers – Chair, Strategic Highway Safety Committee, Department of Motor Vehicles

More images below for the the winning entries.  Download the 2013 Winning Mocktail Recipes!