Day of Giving

DOG BlogFeatureThanks for supporting NCADD on the Day of Giving!

To celebrate our donors, we held an Open House and wish to express our appreciation to those who stopped by!


The Day of Giving was organized to feature the non-profits in the Greater Sacramento Region that provide needed services and entertainment. Donors gave online to their favorite charities for a 24-hour time period. We raised close to $3000 to support the Hopeline!

We had a few special appearances at our Open House, including Mrs. California Melissa Vanni and her sons.  They were entertained by our other special guest “Kato” to dog.  On the Day of Giving (DoG) dog mascots are a must.  Our in-house mascot and therapy dog “Joey” was not able to attend this year since his mom, Executive Director Barbara Thompson, was home with the flu.  Many thanks to Lali Martinez for bringing Kato in to greet our guests.