Family Education

Holiday Planning For Families Living With Addiction

This Season Can Be Different If You Give Yourself The Gift of  Support

Families can give themselves the gift of serene and joyous holiday celebrations- with a little planning and education, some honest discussion and a lot of support. In this 6-week course, Casey Locke, CADAC II, gives  strategies to insure that the needs of all family members are honored. You’ll learn how to manage emotions and create healthy boundaries for family interactions – even during this highly-charged and intense time of year.

Here are some core concepts that will be offered during the class:

  • What motivates alcoholics/addicts to abstain from substances and what families can do to identify and stop their enabling behavior
  • Learning healthy and effective boundaries
  • Creating your own written Action Plan to make it through the holidays successfully
  • What healthy support looks like and the importance of having it
  • Identifying your priorities and limitations
  • Learn to make healthy choices about which people to be around during the holidays and what holiday parties to attend or avoid
  • Why, nutrition, exercise, rest and spiritual practices are so important to your recovery
  • Basics of the disease concept of alcoholism and drug dependence
  • Letting go of past resentments
  • Family traditions- keep the best and lose the rest
  • You’re not alone – moving from isolation to a supportive community
  • Learning how to create and use your own personal empowerment affirmations
  • Recovery resources will be made available to all members of attending families


October 19-November 23, 2011   

6pm – 7:30pm

Cost for this course is $60 per family

Please call 916.922.9217 ext. 112 or write  for more information or to enroll

Casey Locke, CADAC II  is well-known and respected in the Sacramento area.  She has  been professionally involved with addiction and recovery since 1994. She’s worked at inpatient addiction treatment centers, outpatient and DUI facilities as a counselor, program developer, educator on addiction and as a Recovery Specialist.

Her experience and knowledge of the recovery process from intervention, detoxification, treatment, aftercare planning, resources and referrals has given her the skills needed to implement comprehensive recovery plans for addicts and their families. She provides a confidential and supportive environment where individuals can begin the recovery process and improve their lives.