Families in Recovery is a new program offered by NCADD.

This family education and group therapy program was specifically designed to provide support and education for family members who are in recovery, but have a family member in active addiction.

When recovered individuals have a loved one in active addiction, they can easily get entangled in the obsessive worrying, caretaking, enabling, and other addictive (co-dependent) behaviors that erode the order, serenity, and joy in their lives.

What do you do when the one you love won’t stop using?

Won’t get help?

Resists all of your attempts to guide, direct, or control?

If you’re tired of feeling stuck in the painful cycle of attempting to control another person’s addiction, it’s time to focus on you, your needs, and your healing process. All the energy you exert on behalf of your loved one can be shifted to regulate and better understand your own internal states.

Families in Recovery (FIR) Education Series

  • Participants learn about family systems and the ways they unconsciously stay stuck in feedback loops of predictable actions and reactions.
  • They learn how to make small shifts in roles and behaviors that can be perceived as “radical acts of defiance,” and the system has an opportunity to shift away from enabling the addict while the family learns how to notice, feel, and be patient with their own process and needs.
  • They learn the difference between “reacting” and “responding,” and how they can choose the context of their lives.
  • Participants also experience guided meditation as a tool to help them go within and relax the body, relieve stress, and connect with self.

The education curriculum is inspiring and empowering.

We’ve been thrilled to watch the process of many families as they release obsessive worrying and caretaking, and remember how to care for their own needs.

One participant recently shared, “I’m not worried about how things will turn out anymore. I’m able to enjoy the good in this moment, and this moment is great. I feel like I have my life back.”