Whether prescription drugs are obtained through the black market or a forgotten corner of your medicine cabinet, if they have not been prescribed by a doctor, the risks in usage are serious and can even be fatal.

Do you have an accounting of the prescription drugs in your home or office?  Are they secure against theft by intruders – including your children?

Below are some helpful tips to keep your family safe from misuse of prescription drugs.

Check List to Secure Your Prescription Drugs

  1. Locate all of the prescription drugs in your home or office
  2. Set aside those with expired dates
  3. Set aside those you no longer need
  4. Contact your County Sheriff and ask when their next Prescription Drug Take Back Day will be – the last such day in Sacramento County was held in September.
  5. Until that time, take the pills you have set aside out of the containers, and put them in a waterproof baggie filled with cat litter, coffee grounds or soapy water.
  6. Remove the personal information label on the pill containers before you throw them away.
  7. Make a list of the remaining prescription drugs, and lock them in a box that is placed in a private location.
  8. Talk to your kids about the dangers of using prescriptions drugs without a doctor’s approval.

Important Facts:

  • It is illegal to provide your prescription drugs to anyone else. If you suspect illegal drugs are being sold on the internet, file a report with the Drug Enforcement Agency.
  • Prescription drugs should not be flushed down the toilet as they can harm fish and other aquatic animals.
  • Beware if you have had a senior member of your family pass away, as that is a trigger for drug thieves to rob your home, just to steal the medications that may remain.
  • Thieves will also check your trash, so if you can’t wait for the next Prescription Drug Take Back Day, dispose of the medications in cat  litter, coffee grounds or soapy water.

For more information on disposing of prescription drugs, click here.