This week SAMHSA announced a national media campaign to educate parents on their role in reducing underage drinking.

Because most parents don’t realize the impact they can have on prevention, the campaign is called “Talk They Hear You”, and it arms parents with tools to start the conversation before their kids are teenagers.

Here are some startling facts about underage drinking:

  • Studies show that ten million young people under the age of 21 drank alcohol in the past month.
  • This number includes 33% of all 8th graders and 70% of all 10th graders who have consumed alcohol in the last 30 days.
  • As summer approaches, the numbers will double, so now is the time to start the conversation.
  • Because many have consumed alcohol before the age of 15, brain development, academic performance and safety are impacted.
  • The U.S. Surgeon General states that alcohol was a factor in 5,000 deaths each year for young people.

This campaign gives parents the confidence to engage their kids in a discussion about alcohol, the most commonly used drug among the nation’s youth in 2011.

See why others across the nation are choosing Prevention to change their lives.  Share the news that a strong bond between kids and their parents or caregivers can make a different in underage drinking.

Click on the links below to download messages created for the SAMHSA Talk They Hear You campaign.













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