No one who is in treatment for chronic pain starts out with the goal of becoming addicted to their pain medication. 

People at risk for addiction react differently from the very first experience of taking pain medication.

The three most important questions to address are these:

  • Are we managing pain but fueling the addiction?
  • Are we treating the addiction but sabotaging the pain management?
  • Is it addiction or pseudoaddiction?

This presentation will take place on Wednesday, August 29th at NCADD’s Sacramento Office. It is designed to assist clinicians and treatment programs to help patients manage a chronic pain condition.

Dr. Grinstead is an author and internationally recognized expert in preventing relapse related to chronic pain disorders. He is the developer of the Addiction-Free Pain Management® System and has been working with pain management, chemical addictive disorders, eating addiction and coexisting mental and personality disorders for over twenty-eight years.

When discussing his addiction-free pain management system, Dr. Grinstead points out that chronic pain management is a serious health crisis facing the world today. Last year, the Institute of Medicine stated that the cost of chronic pain management in the United States is over $635 Billion per year in direct medical costs and lost productivity. The problem is exacerbated when you consider that many people undergoing chronic pain management are also experiencing co-existing disorders such as addiction to prescription pain medication.

NCADD Sacramento Members will receive a discount on the luncheon cost, and CAADAC CEU’s are available for $10.00. There are a limited number of seats left! To make sure you can attend, visit the NCADD Sacramento website and reserve your seat.

Leading Edge Luncheons are held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at NCADD Sacramento’s office – 2143 Hurley Way, Suite 101, Group Room 2, Sacramento. The next program will take place on September 12 with a guest speaker to be announced soon.