Society has a taboo against speaking openly about personal finances. In Sam Beasley’s book, Wealth and Well-Being, co-authored by Suzanne Lorenz, he breaks the silence.

The Leading Edge Luncheon series is hosted by NCADD Sacramento and provides AOD professionals, families, health providers and employers with access to experts in the field of addiction prevention and treatment.

The November 14, 2012 featured speaker  will be Sam Beasley, C.A.D.C., on the topic “Wealth & Well-Being for Anyone Whose Life Has Been Touched By Addiction”.

Sam has over 20 years of experience working with and directing driving under the influence (DUI) and drug treatment programs. He has managed counseling agencies and provided training and consulting services to counties, agencies, and counselors throughout California. In 2005 he joined Suzanne Lorenz as Co-Director of Prevention Education Program.

Sam and Suzanne provide training’s and services to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health field.  They are authorized C.E.U. providers for California addiction counselors.
Sam co-authored a book for therapists and counselors entitled: Wealth and Well Being: How counselors and clients can break through the emotional barriers to financial independence. He will discuss how he has been able to aid therapists and counselors, while helping professionals in working with clients to empower them to gain financial freedom and overcome barriers to financial independence.

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