Mary Pruitt has an extensive background providing counseling services to clients with substance abuse, chemical dependency and mental health issues. She is a graduate of the Proposition 36 program and public spokesperson for the substance abuse and crime prevention act passed by California voters in November 2000.

As a Certified Addiction Specialist, Mary has been an active CAS board member and item writer for the state of California certification licensing exam for Addiction Specialist. She has served as a public advocate at California Legislative hearings concerning social service funding, and as an expert witness and court liaison to substance abuse and chemical dependency clients involved with the family court system. Her experience has led to involvement in successful partnerships such as the California voter initiative funded alternatives to incarceration programs.

Ms. Pruitt is knowledgeable in a wide range of counseling services used to provide assessment for client care and individual treatment plans.  She is trained in developing personalized client recovery, relapse and preventative treatment programs. Her extensive knowledge in the principles that underlie the CENAPS® Model of Relapse Prevention Therapy has been used to help establish healthy behaviors and provide individual coping strategies.

Her background includes working closely with law enforcement, county officials, parole officers and social workers to ensure advocacy for clients with substance abuse and chemical dependency issues.  She has been active in the Substance Abuse and Crime Prevention Program, Drug Diversion Program, Parolee Service Network Program and the Family Court Services Assessment Program.