We are excited to have the national tour of “Pass It On…An Evening with Bill W. and Dr. Bob” coming to Sacramento at the end of the month. The actors, Richard Springle and Gary Kimble, also appear as Bill W. and Dr. Bob in the upcoming landmark NLP/PBS Television Documentary “One Day at a Time – A History of Hope.”

Gary and Richard have traveled the U.S. for the past four years appearing as Bill W. and Dr. Bob (including at the 75th International A.A. Convention in San Antonio) in the National Tour of the off Broadway play “Bill W. and Dr. Bob” – serving as a catalyst for raising tens of thousands of dollars for recovery organizations nationwide.

This is an excerpt from a review of their  latest production, Pass It On…An Evening with Bill W. & Dr. Bob when it played in Little Rock, Arkansas:

“The power of the program rolled across the theater stage, down the corridors, through the rows of seats and penetrated our hearts.  “We knew that something remarkable was happening…” This, a line of Dr. Bob’s from Pass It On… aptly describes the energy of the evening and in the Argenta Theater.  It was thick with emotion – empathy all the way.  Many knew the story of the play because it was their own or was the story of a loved one that became their own.”  Read the entire article here. 

Gary and Richard’s professional theatrical careers as actors, directors and producers span four decades each – appearing on stages around the world – in over 60 countries abroad and in over 800 cities in the U.S. and Canada – with a combined professional theatrical experience of 76 years between them.

They also share 40 years of sobriety between them which is why their theatrical production company is named Unflappable Recovery Entertainment.

If you come to the special Gala Reception prior to the Friday night performance on February 1, you can meet these two amazing gentlemen.  Learn more and purchase tickets on our Pass It On web page!