NCADD Sacramento hosted the 3rd Annual Holiday Mocktail Contest on December 5, along with event co-sponsors: CA Restaurant Association, Fever-Tree, and Hock Farm Craft & Provisions Restaurant.

The purpose of this contest is to bring awareness to this proven prevention strategy and to reduce drunk driving fatalities in Sacramento.

A panel of judges representing law enforcement, local and state government, and the recovery community were on hand to select winners in the Professional Mixologist and Amateur Mixologist divisions. Following are the results:

Professional Division Winner: “Double D’s Delight” (aka Designated Driver’s Delight) created by Katie Knowllenberg of Hock Farm Craft & Provisions Restaurant
Professional Division Runner-up: : “Giraffe Neck” created by Travis Kavanaugh of Shady Lady Saloon
Amateur Division Winner: “Basic Rathbone” created by Rochelle Hernandez
Amateur Division Runner-up: “Holiday Fresh Fruit Punch” submitted by Supervisor Susan Peters

Prizes included $300 in cash, dinner for two at Hock Farms and a night out at the movies for two.

Recipes can be downloaded (click here) and used for entertaining guests who may not be interested in consuming alcohol for a variety of reasons.  The California Restaurant Association will also be sharing the winning recipes with their members to encourage safe beverage sales, and the availability of delicious, festive non-alcoholic drinks for designated drivers and non-drinkers.

Many thanks to our panel of judges including:

  • Annie Andrighetto – President, NCADD Sacramento Board of Directors
  • Melinda Avey – Chair, Sacramento County Drug and Alcohol Advisory Board
  • Alicia Carrillo – California District Attorney Association
  • Lt. Marc Coopwood – California Peace Officers Association
  • Paul Cruz – Executive Director, MAAP, DUI Education Services
  • Dorian Kittrell – Deputy Director, Department of Behavioral Health Services, County of Sacramento
  • Susan Prescott – Director of Prevention Education Program
  • Patrice Rogers – Chair, Strategic Highway Safety Committee, Department of Motor Vehicles

Designated drivers, mom’s-to-be, people who do not care to drink alcohol, and those who cannot because of addiction or other health concerns, all appreciate having access to an attractive and delicious non-alcoholic drink in social settings.  Learn more on our Mocktail Contest page!