By Barbara Thompson, Executive Director

What an amazing Father’s Day celebration we had for the men in our Prop 36, Drug Diversion, Parolee Services Network and General Outpatient programs. Thirty-four fathers attended, with their children (okay, some were nieces and nephews). The afternoon was spent playing dominoes, hitting softballs and scooping up raffle prizes. A smokin’ barbeque was manned by Greg King and Coco Wallace of Always Knocking- those guys can cook!  NCADD team members prepared delicious side dishes of all types.

Doug Hill, Case Manager in Parolee Services Network,  reflects the spirit of this event with these words:

“This was such an amazing event for our Fathers. The guys really enjoyed it. It was a great feeling to see all the Fathers come together and get recognized and also get prizes and just to be told how much we as an agency appreciate them and the steps they are taking as Fathers to be in their kids’ life… just to change their lives is major for most of them.”

Thanks to all who pulled together to organize this wonderful afternoon. We are ON for our 2nd annual picnic next year for sure.