NCADD Sacramento is pleased to announce that two of our Leadership Team has been asked to lead a Training Session at the upcoming CAADAC Conference in Sacramento.

Angela Da Re, Director of Prevention Services, and Delita Alvarado, Director of Treatment Services will present “Preventing and Treating Substance Abuse Based Trauma In Families” on Thursday, October 3, from 6:00-8:30pm.


Angela and Delita are covering groundbreaking concepts for addressing the damage done to family systems when living with active addiction.  They will present proven strategies for preventing addiction from taking hold in a family and to minimize it if it does.

This workshop is designed to clarify the essential role of the family unit in the overall health of its individual members. The complex interpersonal relationships inherent in the family system can facilitate health and recovery or block it.

Incorporating prevention strategies into treatment creates the foundation necessary for sustainable long-term family recovery and happiness.  These two dynamic, seasoned professionals invite you to come and engage with them.

Click here for the full conference schedule of speakers.