It’s been three months since I landed at NCADD’s doorstep (again). It’s been a busy time for sure. My first priority was getting a 24/7 Hopeline for alcohol and drug questions and problems up and running. And, so it is!

I”ll be publishing the number around town beginning next week, but 916.922.5122 is where people can call with their concerns. I am hoping to tap into our abundant recovering community for their help and expertise- so if you know anyone who wants to up the ante on their service commitments- please send them over!

We have a new logo as you can see above.And our new website is up and running. Whew! Our community calendar is open to anyone who wants to post AOD-related events. Please email your entries to and we’ll post for you.

Also, good news, NCADD’s local Resource Guide is now available to  professionals providers and members of recovering communities. Just click on the picture of the old purple book on any page of our website (except the home page) and you can sign up to receive the link to it.

We promise to keep it current and up-to-date, but need your help in doing so. If you make changes to your services, contact information or whatever else, please email and we’ll take care of it.