Women throughout the Sacramento region who are pregnant or parenting young children have an opportunity to recover from dependence of alcohol and other drugs.

NCADD-Sacramento is launching a public service announcement campaign to inform Sacramento residents that at present, there is no waiting list to take advantage of the free “Options for Recovery” program.

The need couldn’t be greater as women find themselves supporting young children during this economic crisis. This program allows them to receive treatment at no cost, if they live in Sacramento County.
The compassionate staff at NCADD-Sacramento provides an intensive day treatment program, where mothers can leave their children in play care while attending classes. In addition to education and treatment groups, clients attend individual counseling sessions and learn parenting skills, healthy meal preparation, anger management and how to keep themselves and their children safe.

NCADD-Sacramento will be reaching out to news services, health care providers and community leaders to spread the word that there is help for mothers living with addiction. Speakers are available to address health care professional groups, churches and other interested organizations.

Learn more about Options for Recovery on NCADD-Sacramento’s web site. You can also download an informational flyer to share with a co-worker, family member or health care provider that would benefit from this information. If you would like to have a presentation at your workplace or organization’s meeting, please call Barbara Thompson at NCADD-Sacramento (916) 922-5123.