Mocktails – the Proven Prevention Strategy

An estimated 32% of fatal car crashes involve an intoxicated driver or pedestrian.  And those numbers increase during the Holidays as people gather at office Christmas parties and with family and friends to celebrate. Unfortunately, Sacramento County leads the State in fatal DUI crashes- a designation NCADD would like to change.

Whether you call them Mocktails, Virgins or D-Drinks, delicious, nicely presented non-alcoholic drinks when made available at parties and restaurants provide a welcome alternative to alcohol.

Designated drivers, moms-to-be, people who do not care to drink alcohol, and those who cannot because of addiction or other health concerns, all appreciate having access to a visually pleasing, tasty beverage in social settings.

In support of this proven prevention strategy, NCADD Sacramento is pleased to be hosting our Second Annual Holiday Mocktail Contest.  We invite everyone to submit their favorite recipe online by Friday, December 14 in two categories – with and without added sugar. 

The panel of judges will be convening on Tuesday, December 18th at the Marriott Courtyard at Cal Expo, from 4-6pm.  Our esteemed judging panel includes:

  • Paul Cruz, Executive Director,  Mexican American Addiction Programs
  • Luky Maldonado, Sr. VP Alcohol & Drug Programs at Safety Center
  • Audrey Wells, Proprietress, Fringe Boutique
  • Betsy Mahan, President, CapitolSocial
  • Tiffany Haberman, Executive Food & Beverage Sales Manager, Courtyard Marriott at CalExpo

The winners will be announced at that time, in both sugar-filled and sugar-free categories. Both winners will receive four tickets to the movies with snacks included.

For more information, and to submit your recipe online, visit the website.  Contact Cliff Carley at to RSVP for the Awards Ceremony.

Find your inner Mixologist and share your favorite Mocktail recipe by this Friday!