By Barbara Thompson, Executive Director, NCADD Sacramento

Addiction is a family affair.  It’s well-known that addicts have an abnormal addiction to a substance. What is less understood is that  family members have an abnormal addiction to the addict.

NCADD- Sacramento believes that families deserve education, treatment and support to heal from the trauma of living with active addiction.

We know that untreated codependence is often just as debilitating as untreated addiction- with real damage done to the minds, bodies and spirits of all family members.

On November 1 and 2, NCADD Sacramento along with co-host Focus Healthcare of California will present Pass It On –  An Evening with Bill W. & Dr. Bob, a benefit for the new Families in Recovery Program.  The inspirational (and often hilarious) production is presented as if you are in an old time recovery meeting with the beloved co-founders of Alcoholics Anonymous as the guest speakers.  Bill W. and Dr. Bob tell stories and dramatize key events about the early history of A.A. – including writing the Big Book, creating the 12 Steps and how they overcame tremendous obstacles while struggling to develop their new program of recovery and pass it on to others who were still suffering.

NCADD Sacramento is very appreciative of this opportunity to fund the Families in Recovery Program, which will launch in January of 2013.

Families in Recovery will offer:

  • Assessments
  • Family Education Group
  • Pre-Intervention Classes
  • Interventions
  • Integration Into Local Self-Help Groups
  • Family Counseling

We are pleased to fill this gap in our community. Families who are armed with accurate information about this disease can restore themselves to health and harmony.  We are delighted to be able to support them.