Do you have expired prescription drugs in your cupboard?  You probably know it’s not good for the environment to flush them down the drain…and there is a safe way to dispose of them.

It is all too common for kids to steal prescription pain killers, sleeping aides and other medications from  the homes of unsuspecting family members, neighbors and friends.  The drugs disappear unnoticed and end up being ingested by kids, or sold on the black market.

Each year the Sacramento County Sheriff teams up with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) to collect potentially dangerous, expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs for proper disposal.  The service is free, anonymous and no questions asked.

Your next opportunity will be on Saturday, April 27th at the following locations between the hours of  10:00 am and 2:00 pm:

Sheriff’s Garfield Station – 5510 Garfield Avenue, Sacramento
Sheriff’s Florin Station – 7000 65th Street, Sacramento
Rancho Cordova Police – 2897 Kilgore Road, Rancho Cordova
Antelope High School – 7801 Titan Drive, Antelope

NCADD Sacramento encourages you to keep your family safe and take advantage of this opportunity.

For more information, read this flyer.