“Beat The Timer” Strategy Is A Proven Approach That Works!

Its 6:00 a.m. the coffee’s brewing, the smell of bacon drifts throughout the air and the kids are up getting themselves ready for school.  Sounds like a familiar scenario right?

Sure.. but only if you’re starring in the “Leave it to Beaver” show!  Let’s get real.

You know the routine:  First trip it’s a friendly “Good Morning Billy, time to get up..” Second trip it’s “Billy, you need to get up!” Of course by the third trip, there is no more nice guy routine. We all know at this point the lights have been turned on, the covers have been pulled back, the alarm is blaring and your child has turned into a warrior clutching their pillow and defending their sleep.

You know the karma that our parents always said would come back around when we had kids; well it didn’t disappoint. Can the answers be found on Google?  No – but this is where a Kernel comes in!

“Beat the Timer” is a parenting tool that will motivate your children to complete all of those daily tasks.  It will help you reduce the time set to complete a particular task with the benefit of a reward or recognition of praise if the task is successfully completed before the time interval given.

Think about your daily routine with your children; do you find yourself struggling with them to pick up their room, get ready for bed, clean up after themselves, complete their homework or finish their chores? If you dread these tasks and find that you have run out of ways to get them done, then “Beat the Timer” is the right tool for you!

There are only three simple things you need in order for “Beat the Timer” to be effective:

  1. You need to have a desire to participate in the challenge with your children
  2. You need to promote that the time is going to be fun
  3. You need to believe that your children have the ability to rise to the challenge.

So how does “Beat the Timer” work?

Let’s use the example of helping a child complete their homework.

  1. First, announce Beat the Timer, “We are going to use Beat the Timer to help you finish your homework.”
  2. Tell how much time there will be on the timer, “Billy you will have 20 minutes to finish your homework.”
  3. Explain the task to be completed to beat the timer, “You will need to complete all of your assigned homework for the day before the timer rings.”
  4. Announce that the timer is about to begin, “I am ready to set the timer. Ok, ready, set…..go!”
  5. Praise positive behavior while the timer is ticking, “Billy, you are really paying attention to your homework. I bet you will beat the timer!”
  6. Once the task has been completed, celebrate success and reward from a prize bowl, “Billy you did it! Let’s see what your prize is for beating the timer!”
  7. Finally, mark changes on a Success Scoreboard, “Dad is going to be so excited when you show him your Success Scoreboard. You’ve been beating the timer and getting your homework done all week!”

Choosing to implement “Beat the Timer” in your household will help you to see dramatic changes in your children’s behavior, and the relationship you have with them. “Beat the Timer” will help their attention span and quality of input to increase, it will reduce the amount of time wasted, there will be fewer arguments and tantrums, your household will have less disruption, and ultimately your children will be more engaged and motivated to get things done on time.

Say goodbye to the dawdling, fidgeting and arguing, and say hello to smooth routines and happy children!

Now when the coffee is brewing the only task will be to figure out who is on breakfast duty!