By Barbara Thompson
Executive Director, NCADD Sacramento

I was very pleased to read an article recently written by a nightclub owner about the benefits of responsible beverage services.

Dispelling the myth that discouraging over-drinking in public establishments decreases income, Gregg Hanour said the following, “… after facing a slew of problems, high costs and lost customers due to rowdy drinkers, I was forced to change my business practices.  Believe it or not, the shift increased my net profits. While improving safety, my managers and I slashed overhead costs associated with over serving customers – legal bills, medical expenses, security costs and skyrocketing insurance premiums.” Read the article.

According to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, 58 to 85 percent of alcohol establishments fail to cut off intoxicated customers regardless of existing laws on over-service.

The California Restaurant Association offers a program called ServSafe Alcohol® Responsible Beverage Service Training.

ServSafe Alcohol is a highly comprehensive, consistent training program designed to protect restaurants and their customers. The four-hour program presents the material in an interactive way, and lessons are reinforced with guides, charts, exercises and case studies to make concepts memorable. The session concludes with a secured examination. Passing the exam confirms that students have mastered the critical knowledge necessary to provide responsible alcohol service.  Learn more on CRA’s website.

I do hope that nightclub and restaurant owners will consider Gregg’s advice and learn from his success!