Can you imagine the disappointment of assembling a 1000 piece puzzle only to realize that you are missing one puzzle piece?

It is with regret (and now laughter) to write that at a very young age I learned the importance of having all the pieces to a puzzle. I find it hilarious that I am now able to laugh about this disastrous situation. I will never forget the disheartening feeling of having 999 puzzle pieces and missing one.

When I think about Sacramento and the importance of having a strong community, I reflect back on my childhood puzzle story. A strong community is like a completed puzzle; In a puzzle there are many pieces, and all pieces are necessary for wholeness. In a community, there are several different components that make it whole; there are schools, businesses, hospitals, entertainment venues, and churches, just to name a few.

NCADD Sacramento realizes the importance of every puzzle piece, so to help strengthen prevention in this community, our goal, this summer, is to connect with youth pastors and youth leaders through Sac Connect.  

Youth pastors and youth leaders in the Sacramento area work with thousands of youth weekly. On it’s own, their work with young people creates an atmosphere where youth are connected and that connection decreases the likelihood that they’ll engage in risky behaviors like drug and alcohol use, violence, delinquency. But youth pastors and ministers often face great challenges and while connection can help, small research based tools that can easily be incorporated into their work can create deeper protections for young people in their congregations.

Just like linking two puzzle pieces together, Sac Connect (SC) was created to link prevention with the faith community.  The events are designed so that Youth pastors, ministers and leaders  can connect, collaborate, and receive free drug and alcohol prevention training.

Sac Connect has a training event one Saturday a month from 9:30am-11:00am. A fantastic breakfast and coffee is served at each event.

The next two SC trainings are on July 27th and August 24th

If you are a youth pastor or youth leader and are interested in attending please contact Jessica Fielding at (916) 922-5118 ext. 101 or via email at We hope to see you there and remember that every piece of a puzzle is important!