Sacramento Region’s Day of Giving

NCADD Sacramento was one of many non-profits to participate in the Day of Giving on May 6th.  Organized by the Sacramento Community Foundation and, this day highlighted the good works of the non-profit community as donors gave beyond everyone’s expectations – over $3 Million!  These dollars were partially matched thanks to a nationwide effort and business sponsors.

NCADD sincerely appreciates the supporters who stopped in for our Open House to give where their heart is!  We received donations that will provide needed communication technology, transportation services for our clients, food and toys for our Playcare center, and support for families in recovery.  Thank you!

Below are images from our Day of Giving campaign and the Open House:

Fabulous 40th Anniversary Open House

[img src=//]2240Mom from NCADD Sac's program and her daughter
[img src=//]560Mom from NCADD Sac's program and her daughter
[img src=//]540NCADD Sac therapy dog Joey thanks donors
[img src=//]540Jon Shidler and Rochelle Hernandez greet NCADD Sac Open House guests
[img src=//]510Thanks Starbucks Arden for donating refreshments
[img src=//]530Assembly Member Ken Cooley reads resolution for NCADD Sacramento
[img src=//]510Delita Alvarado looks on as Assembly Member Cooley reads resolution commemorating NCADD Sac 40 years of service
[img src=//]490Barbara Thompson accepts Assembly resolution from Assembly Member Ken Cooley
[img src=//]470Barbara Thompson accepts Assembly resolution from Assembly Member Ken Cooley
[img src=//]470NCADD Sac donor at Open House
[img src=//]500NCADD Sac donors at Open House
[img src=//]480NCADD Sac Open House Giving Tree
[img src=//]460Betsy Mahan and Barbara Thompson at NCADD Sac Open House
[img src=//]460Sheila Macias and Marlena Uhrik at NCADD Sac Open House
[img src=//]450Gifted items at NCADD Sac Open House
[img src=//]450Open House Giving Tree
[img src=//]460Marlena Uhrik, Ken Cooley and Renee Zito at NCADD Sac Open House
[img src=//]450Assembly Member Ken Cooley with NCADD Sac therapy dog "Joey"
[img src=//]460Angela Da Re, Barbara Thompson, Ken Cooley, Delita Alvarado and Mary Pruitt at Open House
[img src=//]480Ken Cooley pins his Assembly Pin on a future leader
[img src=//]490Ken Cooley explains the role of an Assemblyman to a future leader
[img src=//]480Celebrating Open House
[img src=//]460Joey says thanks at NCADD Sac Open House