High Quality, No Cost Program For Sacramento County Mothers (and Mothers-To-Be!)

For every dollar spent on addiction treatment programs, it is estimated that there is a $4 to $7 reduction in the cost of drug-related crimes, including child abuse and drunk/drugged driving. Some highly effective outpatient drug rehabilitation programs create a total costs savings by a ratio of 12:1.

One of Sacramento’s most respected programs is Options for Recovery at NCADD. With a focus on teaching life-long recovery skills, this program is FREE to women who reside in Sacramento County and are pregnant or parenting a minor child. The value is priceless.

Re-establishing healthy relationships with their children is a high priority and progress is being made to expand prevention and treatment for women of child-bearing age. That process can eventually include preparing mothers to make vocational or educational goals to rejoin the work force.

To this end, NCADD-Sacramento’s professional and compassionate team provides an intensive day treatment program, where Mothers can leave their children in Playcare while attending classes. Clients are assessed as to whether they need the 1, 3 or 4 day component. In addition to education and treatment groups, clients attend a minimum of two individual counseling sessions per month.

They learn to increase safety and parenting skills, fundamentals of self-care and anger management, meal preparation and how to access and integrate relationships with successful members of the recovering community. If deemed necessary, they are assessed for co-occurring disorders and these issues are addressed so treatment can be successful.

Learn more about Options for Recovery on NCADD-Sacramento’s web site. You can also download an informational flyer to share with a co-worker, family member or friend that would benefit from this service. Your belief in the possibility of their recovery could change their life, and their children’s future.

If you’re not sure how to have this conversation with someone you care about, please call our HOPELINE and we’ll make the process easier. The line is always open, the number is 916.922.5122.