A Call From the School District Was All It Took!

By Tina Limon, NCADD Sacramento Prevention Team

Strengthening Families Program (SFP) has been well received at Jefferson Elementary, and the NCADD Sacramento Prevention Department is looking forward to giving each family the parenting tools they need to feel confident and secure.

Strengthening Families is a free program, taught by a skilled NCADD team that is dedicated to teaching parents and caregivers how to:

  • increase the bonds of family and communication
  • encourage positive relationships with peers and family members
  • resist peer pressure and manipulation
  • prevent the onset of substance abuse in our youth

It all began with just one phone call from Christine Smith, the Director of Early Childhood Education for the Natomas Unified School District.  In our first conversation, she shared her interest in partnering with NCADD to bring our 14 session parent and child program to families in the Natomas area.  Not having previously had the opportunity to work with the Natomas District’s innovative “Parent University”, I was intrigued with the possibilities.

Christine put me in contact with Lisett Mijares, the Parent CORES Coordinator for the Natomas School District, and  I soon discovered how passionate she was about strengthening the ties between parents and their children.  Lissett got the ball rolling and began to recruit families she knew would benefit from SFP by having flyers sent out to every school in the District.  Administration jumped on board and allowed Lisset to record a Connect Ed message that would also reach every family in the district to invite them to the program.

The response has been overwhelming!  We began our first session on February 28th at Jefferson Elementary school located on Pebblewood Drive.  As we opened the doors to serve dinner the line to register was out the door!

We currently have 40 families enrolled and participating in the program.  What I thought would be a challenge has turned out to be one of the most rewarding experiences I have had since becoming a Prevention Coordinator for NCADD.

For more information on the Strengthening Families Program, contact Tina Limon at (916) 922-5118 Ext 114. Or email tlimon@ncaddsac.org.