Summer is the season of lovely flowers, ripe fruit, and sun-kissed air.


School is over and summer vacation is finally here! This means that most parents are spending a lot more time with their kids at home. During the summer we have the opportunity to create fun family memories to last a lifetime.  But what is there to do??
NCADD will be hosting Family Fun Nights throughout the summer providing activities for the entire family such as:

  • movie nights
  • outdoor family sports
  • picnics
  • games
  • and MORE!!!!

At each event NCADD will provide a treat, some giveaways and a tip or two to get us all geared up for creating STRONGER family bonds.

Each month we’ll bring along a “kernel” of information. A kernel is a tiny method of change that can be added to a home to make family life more harmonious. By integrating kernels, parents begin to see behavioral change in their children in these areas; increased academic performance, reduced disruption, relationship growth, an increase in kid’s emotional, verbal, behavioral and physical health. The positive structures kernels’ provide allow parents to have more fun being with their kids – not just managing them.

Play ImageJune’s Kernel was STRUCTURED PLAY!

Play is the single healthiest task a child can occupy himself with; young minds are programed to learn by playing. Structured play is any organized activity or sport that comes with a set of rules and specific objectives to achieve an ending goal.

NCADD believes in the importance of play and its impact on our children’s learning development. This nature of play allows children to learn many life skills and then implement those same skills in real life, and their first best teachers are their parents! For more info on structured play, download our parent handout here!

June’s event saw 53 attendees come out to Swanston Park where there is a water splash play area and plenty of shade for cooling down. There is also a large grassy area for soccer, kick ball, and tag. The park has a picnic area with awnings to provide shade for the families.

We started out with frozen yogurt from Yo-Yo Yogurt (Thanks Yo-Yo for your fabulous donation!) This treat prepared the families for a friendly game of kick ball. Kick ball can be enjoyed by all ages while also teaching sportsmanship, respect, character, and team work. No matter the ability level this is a game anyone can have fun at. One thing our families learned out there is that it’s not about winning, but instead about doing your best, putting your best foot forward and making new friends in the process.

We ended the evening with a game of Who’s Who. The objective of this game was to figure out your secret identity by asking a series of questions. This game helps to develop logical thought process and connect the dots of the information they have acquired to discover who they are! It was also great for a bunch of laughs!

All families who attended June’s Family Fun Night received a special gift. This month’s giveaway included passes to Sunrise Rollerland skating rink!  The Aerospace Museum  and the Sacramento 6 Drive-in  also graciously donated family passes for our raffle.

We hope you will join us in July for our next Family Fun Night!

For more information on NCADD Summer Family Fun Night visit us on Facebook at “Strengthening Families Sacramento”.

We hope to see you next month!