“You are amazing!”

“You did a great job today!”

“I am so proud of you!”

“This is the best dinner ever!”

“You are the best Dad in the world!”

Verbal praise is encouraging and motivating. When verbal praise is given by an individual we admire and love it often feels as if we are recharged and inspired to reach new heights and accomplish new goals. In the Strengthening Families Program we teach on the positive results of giving praise to your family. It has been said that the power of life and death can be found in the tongue. Most of us can agree that we have felt the power the tongue holds. We have felt the benefits of life giving words and praise, and we have felt the destructive power of negative critical words.

In the Strengthening Families Program (SFP) we discuss the importance of verbal rewards. A verbal reward is a tool that parents can utilize to increase positive behavior from a child, because a child will work for positive affirmation. The Strengthening Families Program encourages us to remember these six items when giving verbal rewards; they should be given right away, with eye contact, wanted by the child, animated, regular, and direct. Furthermore, SFP also encourages parents to give their verbal rewards in language that sounds right to them. Families that have graduated the Strengthening Families Program continue to utilize verbal rewards, because of their effective life giving power.

In the month of August, several graduates of SFP traveled to the newly rebuilt McKinley Park for a Family Fun event. During the event every participant was given a colorful note card and envelope to express praise for a family member. After the note was written the card was then given to the selected family member. The graduates of SFP were encouraged and inspired by these notes. Several of the notes expressed their appreciation for their mother, sister, dad, and brother.

The most interesting note was written by a young girl named Marissa and the note was given to her mother. Check out this GREAT note that she wrote.

This week we encourage every individual to take notice when their child does a positive behavior and reward them with verbal praise. Remind them that you too, love them more than hot wings and hot cheetos!