Mocktails are a proven prevention strategy, as well as a good, common sense approach to holiday festivities. People who don’t drink alcohol get tired of the same old soft drinks – and appreciate a sparkly beverage poured from an elegant punch bowl into a shapely, perhaps even frosted glass.

A non-alcoholic mocktail is great for:

  • Non-drinkers of all types- who are in recovery, religious, uninterested or have health reasons
  • Drinkers who’ve had their two drink minimum and want to move to an alcohol-free alternative
  • Young people
  • Designated drivers

NCADD is hosting the 3rd Annual Holiday Mocktail Contest, and this year we have caught the attention of restaurants, public officials and local business leaders who care about your safety as Holiday celebrations start revving up.

Here’s the details:

  • Submit your recipe by Noon on December 2nd, online or by faxing in this form.
  • Your recipe can be in one of two categories – Chock Full of Sugar or Sugar-Free
  • Please include ingredients and directions for one serving, and tell us how to present your masterpiece – glass shape, sugar around the rim, other trappings?
  • Be sure to name your Mocktail – creativity counts with our esteemed panel of judges!

Results to be announced at a special event on December 5th,  when NCADD shares your winning recipe with the public, providing delicious alternatives to entertain guests over the Holidays.  Share this flyer with friends and colleagues and plan to join us as the drinks are judged.

Need inspiration?  Check out last year’s winners!

Speaking of winners…the winning mixologists in the Sugar and Sugar-Free Categories will receive a Dinner For Two at a fabulous local restaurant!  The runners-up will be treated to a Night At The Movies for 4!

Submit one or more recipe today!