We are happy to report that the NCADD’s New York-based National office is back in full operation.  Since Hurricane Sandy arrived  in late October, the NCADD office has been without power, telephone service, internet connection, heat and transportation to and from the office due to evacuations, gas shortages, closures of the trains and subways. 

The process of restoring services and access to their office happened slowly but surely …first they got power back, then the trains and subways were running again.  But, until last night they had no phones, no internet and no heat. Despite all of the chaos, NCADD staff worked at home through remote access to their computer server, call forwarding of their phone system, keeping up with all of the day to day demands of the office operations.

It is a known fact that disasters like Hurricane Sandy can cause an increase in stresses that can lead to alcohol and drug use spikes.  NCADD has already begun to see an increased demand for their help.  Their website had a 36.2% increase in visitors from the month before.

Even though residents of Sacramento have little chance of suffering the kind of catastrophic damage from a hurricane like our friends in New York have endured, it is still a good idea to have a disaster plan for your business or home.  Knowing you have made preparations can lead to less stress, reducing the chance of a relapse into drug or alcohol use.

Visit the California Emergency Management Agency Disaster Planning and Preparedness website to learn how you can be prepared before a disaster strikes.