“Basil Rathbone”

Rochelle Hernandez of NCADD Sacramento won the Amateur Division with her savory Basil Rathbone entry. Garnish with a large basil leaf and serve this non-alcoholic drink at your Holiday Dinner Party!



  • Sugar
  • Lime
  • Fresh Basil (or Basil Simple Syrup)
  • Cardamom (ground)
  • Q Ginger
  • San Pellegrino (fizzy)
  • Plum Bitters

Directions: Lime and rim the glass with sugar. In cocktail shaker, muddle well 5 fresh basil leaves, 3 dashes of cardamom, 3 dashes of plum bitters, 1 ½ T of Basil Simple Syrup. Fill shaker with ice, add 10oz of Q Ginger, 6oz. San Pellegrino – stir well. Strain into a glass and garnish with a fresh basil, dash of plum bitters and splash of Basil Simple Syrup.