NCADD-Sacramento is always seeking ways to help those addicted to drugs or alcohol. We are passionate about educating the public on solutions to common challenges to people coping with addictions. We know we make a difference- our clients tell us so every day.

All of us enjoy celebrating during the Holidays, whether it is dinner with extended families or office parties.  For alcoholics, this often means an increased exposure to people who are consuming alcohol.

“Mocktails”, non-alcoholic cocktails, are a proven prevention strategy, as well as a good, common sense approach to holiday festivities. People who don’t drink alcohol get tired of the same old soft drinks – usually served in a boring glass. They appreciate a sparkly beverage poured from an elegant punch bowl into a shapely, perhaps even frosted glass.

A non-alcoholic mocktail is great for:

  • Non-drinkers of all types- who are in recovery, religious, uninterested or have health reasons
  • Drinkers who’ve had their two drink minimum and want to move to an alcohol-free alternative
  • Young people
  • Designated drivers

This year, NCADD-Sacramento sponsored our 1st Annual Most Delicious Holiday Mocktail Contest.  On December 21st a panel of judges, selected from our Board of Directors and leaders in the Sacramento community, tasted the entries in two categories:  Chock Full of Sugar and Sugar Free.  The winners were chosen based on their presentation, creativity and taste.

The winner of the Chock Full of Sugar category was “The Pink Dog” created by Susie Derbyshire.  This drink was presented in a champagne glass with salt rim optional.  Ingredients included Grapefruit soda, a splash of grenadine and a cherry and slice of lime.  Congratulations Susie!

The winner of the Sugar Free category was “Rootin’ for Root Beer” created by Laura McCabe of Addiction Intervention, Inc..  This drink was also presented in a champagne glass and included sparkling mineral water (lemon or lime flavor) with 2 drops of Vanilla Stevia (a healthy sugar substitute) and 1 dropper of Wintergreen flavoring.  Delicious!

Both contestants will receive four free tickets to the movies, plus mixologist bragging rights for the next year.

We would like to thank everyone who submitted entries. We encourage you to try these recipes, and serve them at your own holiday events. Or,  create your own and save it to send in for next year’s contest.  By presenting your guests with satisfying options to alcoholic drinks in social settings, you are giving them a positive alternative and contributing to their safety and health.

Special appreciation goes to our panel of judges who took time out of their busy week to come and sample the entries: Richie Fernandez of Mechanics Bank, Steve Wirtz, Sacramento County Drug & Alcohol Advisory Board, Jeffrey Henigan, Heritage Oaks Hospital, Betsy Mahan, CapitolSocial Internet Strategies, and Angela DaRe, NCADD-Sacramento.